The Doberman Triangle is a virtual electronic fusion band produced by Gomez-Kabuki. Their music is charged with unexpected bass sounds and sound turns to help you change any unpleasant reality.

Music producer Gomez-Kabuki

“Do you want to experience a carnival night, be chased in a horror videogame, or float in a space Odyssey? You decide the unique blend in each album to keep your ears thrilled and entertained.”

Full discography:

The Doberman Triangle08/08/2014IDM/LoFi
NEON 201708/08/2015Future bass/8bit
FLUORESCENT 308/08/2016Trip Hop/Nujazz
ULTRAVIOLET08/08/2017Lounge/Liquid Funk
CHERENKOV RADIATION 108/08/2018Electro/ Dance
HIGHLIGHT: Interdimensional Best16/12/2018Electronic/Fusion
IRIDESCENT 4:2008/08/2019Ambient/Downtempo
COLORS: You are not alone08/08/2020 (*)(unreleased)
Creative commons discography

Their ever-evolving style, sometimes dark but never depressive, is a fusion of different bass genres with (at times) a very subtle jazz influence. The band was created and started releasing singles and compilatory albums independently since 2013.

“We designed each album as a constant surprise to take you across the stars, through the ocean and into a floating neon forest. An interdimensional portal to the extraordinary world of The Doberman Triangle. “

We care about what is happening to you and to your life right now. No matter how bad it feels, how impossible it might sounds to others if you tell, no matter what anybody else might have told you:

You are not alone in this world.

We are with you.

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All our albums are free to download and use under a creative commons license.

“We like to see and share how you used our music in your projects!”
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