Alchemy: A talk with the dead.

[Play the song as you read]

I believe you must work in this world of the living if you want to honor the dead. Have you heard about Alchemy? There is something in another dimension that is yours, you just have to bring it. If you have watched “Full Metal Alchemist” you know what I mean. This song represents that type of magic.

My song “Iron Butterfly (The Interdimensional Mix)” is a mashup and consist of three parts:

I. Triangle
 [A human transmutates into a robot falling to another dimension]
"Triangle" represents a source of strength and a portal to other dimensions, the incorporation of technological elements in harmony with your biological composition.
II. I love you FISH 
[Life as a robot]
The awareness of consequential patterns and understanding of organic cycles in biology, the reach for electronic life.
[Electric post-life]
Transition to the ideal state having escaped the dimension of death, welcome to your own world.

Initially, I wanted to make an EP with these three songs and “your future is Touchscreen” but I thought more convenient to stick to an album release date (August 08th) to have  mode solid concept for the art and structure of a complete new album and Instead I made a mix (yes, the songs are  different =p). So, wait for an album release this next 08-08!

Now, about Alchemy

From this dictionary:

1. [a science that was used in the Middle Ages with the goal of changing ordinary metals into gold.]

2.[a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way.]

Simple transmutation

Make it happen! you can do it:

If you work enough in this dimension, there is nothing you cannot bring from another.

[Transmutation of lead into gold is presented as an analogy for personal transmutation, purification, and perfection.]

There is nothing you cannot do once you set your mind to it, one step at a time. Just start and do it. Let me know about your projects. Do you have anything going on online? I will make a post with wordpress friends and their projects, tell me =)

Oh! Please, listen and download this mix here: bandcamp <–

Have an awesome day.



steampunk bitches!

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