your future is Touchscreen

[Play the song as you read, enjoy]

Transparent walls, sensitive screens,  a message appears projected out of your phone. How cool it would be if your phones could mate and have “baby phones” with evolving functions as they grew. More or less like Beemo, but able to grow.


In the song “your future is Touchscreen ” I imagined how new generations would see us and reflect their influences when making their future music. Kind of like what we do sometimes trying to recreate rhythms from times past.

PaperPhone (2011) by Human Media Lab and ASU was the first flexible smartphone prototype.

I have always being fascinated by the incorporation of technological working in symbiosis with nature, being by a method or artifacts that fit into the natural world without harming it. Have youheard of biomimicry?


“The design and production of materials, structures, and systems that are modeled on biological entities and processes.”

-from Ms. Google.

In christian: “If it’s good in nature, let’s copy it to achieve that efficiency” lol

Biomimetics : Documentary on the Motion Technology of the Natural World

We know there’s knowledge in nature that we just fail to pay attention to. It is just thrilling to think what we will be able to see in the new next ten years. Whatever may come, let’s hope for sustainability and ecology to be in harmony with technology.

biomimicry kingfisher bullet train

These aspects were a true inspiration during the creation of my song “your future is Touchscreen” It represents that process of  { trial -> error =learning ->start again }that we go through when making new designs and inventions.

You can listen and download the song,


This is all we have tyme for today. =) Tell me, what are your thoughts on biomimicry? Where have you seen this type of information being applied? Thanks for sharing and reading.






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